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Export dehydrated casing inspection methods
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1 sampling

1.1 sampling the preparing work before

Before audit contract, sampling declaration form and the number of single square yards, norms whether conform with the goods, then check the packaging is complete, marks are in accord. Review and correct may sampling.

1.2 sampling ratio

A representative sample.

10 the following person smoke bag bag 30%;

10 to 20 pack smoke the bag 25%;

21 ~ 30 the bag bag smoke 20%;

31 bag every increase more 10 packages increase 1 pack smoke, less than 10 package does not increase smoke. Each pack sampling 1% ~ 3%.

1.3 sampling method

One end of the unpacked, extraction, representative samples under. In case of abnormal phenomenon, should expand sampling or inspection.

2 check

2.1 tools

MiChe, screen panel

2.2 method

Section 2.3.1 for ammeters smell

In the open packet sampling and at the same time, with the nose smells the smell is normal, and presence of corruption not to have the peculiar smell.

2.2.2 color, essence

Colour and lustre, substantial examination can simultaneously. Requirements in natural light sufficient conditions, and watch the color and appearance is clean, colour and lustre to the prescribed standards, pepper and cloth to even, observe whether the bowel wall there is a serious JinLao, fat, impurity, bubble wrinkled skin, etc. The casing dehydrated unifor thickness, dry bowel wall should be tough, luster, stick a layer to comply with the requirements. Watch carefully for mildewy, bug eat by moth wait for a phenomenon.

2.2.3 specifications dehydrated cow casing, dehydrated pig in measuring the casing the diameter of the flat simultaneously measuring the length. Measuring length shall first check every small the pages, to pull straight, with MiChe measuring length, then open the inspection synthesis sessions bowel and reinstate length. dehydrated with MiChe bladder from folding of the four layers of bladder neck starting department length measurement. dehydrated pigs, sheep casing casing with one MiChe measuring the size and length of flat, measuring diameter should be put in the mouth flat 10 cm place measurement, the measured results to record.

2.2.4 packaging

Check the outer packing is clean, free from contamination, packaging is solid, GeFeng closely.

Note: in check before caliber, to facilitate the use MiChe measurement, first put caliber conversion for flat size. Conversion method:

(diameter (mm) * 3.14) / 2 = flat wide diameter (mm)


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