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What is the casing?
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     The great and the small intestine livestock by the blow from the system of animal products. Mainly used for fill the sausage and enema coat; Sheep casing also can be made into gut, used for making tennis racket, GongXianHe surgical suture line line by. According to the livestock don't points have casing pigs and cows, sheep casing casing casing. According to the site have big casing, small points casing. Im from inside to outside into mucous membrane, submucosa and muscularis and serous layer 4. According to livestock don't the different requirements of processing and finished product, above to four layers of processing is not the same. The excellent in quality casing should be tough translucent.

     Casing is the outer package of sausage, its basic function is to make sure that the sausage in certain conditions deteriorate and time, in order to meet the needs of the storage and distribution. This function barrier property index by casing offered, namely: oxygen barrier property, moisture barrier property, fragrance barrier property.


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